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Shopping in pajamas

Thinking back to my first pregnancy I realise how naive I was. I was young (well… younger than I am today) and I was blissfully unaware of the pain, embarrassment and discomfort that childbirth would introduce into my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I would do it all over again… (Yikes, I’m pregnant so I have to do it again sometime in the near future.) I imagined myself looking groomed and peacefully nursing my little newborn as we enter this new phase of our lives.

Instead I spent 3 days in the hospital with unwashed hair, flashed my bruised boobs at more family than I care to remember while trying to feed my little black hole and basically lived in pajamas at home for about 6 weeks.

Not a pretty picture.

Haunted by a million pictures of myself in pajamas with my baby, I was ecstatic  when I stumbled upon some amazing pajamas – they look like clothes. Soft, beautiful, cool clothing that I can sleep in, walk in, live in. PERFECT.  Happily I pay the inflated price with my deflated credit card. This will come in handy for my period as zombie mom to our second baby.

A few weeks pass. One excessively hot early morning my husband wakes up and asks me nicely whether I could please go buy us bread and eggs for breakfast. He usually does this chore for us, but this morning he just really wasn’t up to it. So seeing as he always does it I felt that I just had to. He asked so nicely. Fine. OK. I need to now shower, dress, drive for 30 seconds and grab the bread and eggs. The store is about 100 meters from our home. Seems like a lot of effort for a tired mom on such a hot and lazy day.

Then I get inspired! I DID buy pajamas that look like clothes. And BONUS I’m currently wearing them. So I brush my hair, put on shoes and off I go.

I arrive at the store and immediately I feel shy. What was I thinking? I’m wearing PAJAMAS. OK no turning back. If I could survive the birth and colic sleep deprivation of my first born I could survive this. So I walk into the store like I own the place.

A lady – dressed to kill – who is in the bread isle looks me up and down. I can feel a deep blush working itself up from my feet. I walk to the eggs. Another lady looks me up and down and smiles. I think ha! Let me just get out of here before the smile turns into hysterical laughter. So I rush to the counter to pay, and of course the bread isle lady beats me to it. I try and look as cool as I possibly can, while feeling like I’m on a stage with a spotlight… in my pajamas. As she leaves, she turns around and says, “I really like your clothes, it looks SO comfortable!” “Thanks”, I say relieved, “They actually feel like pajamas.”

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