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Activities for kids: Pinterest Thursday

Grab your paint, grab some stones and let’s get going! Today were focusing on rock painting. This activity is SO much fun, your kids will love it. As with all kids crafts, these will make great gift ideas for Mothers day, Fathers day and for grandparents.

The best stones are roundish, flatish and bigish – like the pebbles that you find on a beach. If you don’t have beach access, try your garden. Alternatively you can buy nicely shaped stones at most garden centres.

Wash the stones, and let them dry. Let the fun begin!

Pet rocks


Story stones: although the example picture here doesn’t show painted stones, the idea remains the same. Paint different pictures on stones, mix them up and put them in a box. Let he kids randomly pick some stones, lay them out and tell a story using the picture prompts! This a very creative exercise and will provide hours of fun.


Pet rock ladybugs


Draw on pebbles: this is a very relaxing activity. Once done, these will spruce up a garden or flower pot nicely. Use a large decorated stone as a door stop. Pack the decorated stones in a spiral in your garden. The uses are endless and is a very rewarding activity.


No paint? No problem! Let the kids create shapes and animals using pebbles and stones. Fun, fun fun!
This type of craft makes beautiful photographs.


For original source information, go here.

Pinterest Thursday: Activities for kids

Today I’m focusing on fun stuff to do with toilet rolls, tissue boxes and cardboard. Your kids will be ecstatic with these activities, and the best is they provide hours of entertainment once done.

This is a great way of keeping the kids away from the telly! Some of these are also great as party props.

Toilet roll tree: use colorful fingerprints to decorate the tree.

Use colourful fingerprints to decorate the tree

Toilet roll airplane: Paint the airplane once your done.

fun for kids

Tissue box monsters: use as storage, will keep kids giggling.

Cardboard boats

Cardboard tree: the possibilities here are endless, just add some creative ideas to the mix!

Large cardboard props: these require more time and effort, but it is absolutely worth it!

Cardboard dinosaur robot – great kids costume for Halloween or a dress up party.

Cardboard city: this can grow large depending on your space – could potentially be a continues project to keep the kids busy for months.

Cardboard rocket: Blast off! Tons of fun – would make a great party prop for cute pictures.

Cardboard plane: this is fantastic. Decorate it once its build!

Have fun!

All of these pictures and their original source can be found here.

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