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Bird Poop Happens…

As I’m sorting the dirty washing out for laundry day, a sock ends up in the toilet. So instead of freaking out about it (eeeeew… the toilet was shiny clean but the IDEA really grossed me out) I call my husband so we can laugh about it together… he responds in his I’M WORKING voice with “that’s not funny.” I hear the panic in his voice. He is scared to laugh at my embarrassing -whoopsies, like that would be permission to continue – an invite to life to let a piano fall on my head from the sky. He once insinuated that I make these things up that happen to me… I make this stuff up? Really?! Like I broke the same toe 3 times ON PURPOSE and almost took out my own eye when I walked straight into a rod sporting tin openers at the supermarket, or the time I slammed my own foot/hand/leg (pick a part) in the car door… Things just sort of get in my way.

It’s like a curse some days. Birds poop on me from miles above. Mosquitoes suck out 3/4 of my blood at night, and yet no one else in the house is TOUCHED. I’ll share a pizza with friends and end up with food poisoning while they are fine. MY slice had something not quite right on it…

Yes these things really happen. And why do I blog about it? Why do I tell complete strangers about my embarrassing mishaps? Well, because if I don’t laugh about it I’ll have to cry about it. And because life isn’t perfect and never goes as planned, and I have decided to embrace that. Can’t change what life throws at you, it’s just how it is. I take it as it comes. I’ve invested in band aids and I close the toilet lid when I sort the laundry.

At least my life is not boring! Visits to the ER keep me on my toes 🙂

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