and sometimes a little bit silly too :)

This topic of course comes up in conversation on a regular basis when you are chatting with friends. Well in my case it does. Reflecting back on a moment in time when you wished the earth would swallow you whole right then and there. The beauty of this is that you can laugh about it afterwards and just hope that it never happens again.

I’ve had a bit of a lucky-unlucky streak in that department. Although my mishaps, even being few, were rather large.

These embarrassing moments are not kid related at all. It is pure adult mishap – at its finest.  My little list includes passing gas in yoga class, calling my father to RSVP for his surprise party, stepping on a friend’s broken toe and more recently creating a situation at the supermarket resulting in 7 rogue pushcarts racing down a steep incline and actually shooting through the parking lot into parked vehicles. WOW. That was a big one. This happened yesterday. I still blush when I look in the mirror.

So, I am choosing to believe that these moments create character and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I also believe the pushcarts were out to get me, and hence will be avoiding them like the plague for a few weeks!


Comments on: "Most awkward moment" (2)

  1. Skuggs said:

    How badly were the cars damaged? Hey I had to ask didn’t I?

  2. Most of the pushcarts hit the bumpers! Lucky-unlucky luck there 🙂 Worst dent was my ego…

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