and sometimes a little bit silly too :)

One of the amusing – sometimes tiring – and very often embarrassing things that my girl does is ask “WHY?” at inopportune moments. These moments seem to arise often at the grocery store. The latest incident happened while I was in the process of unpacking my groceries at the pay point. My little girl was sitting quietly smiling and waving at everybody in line, and then she suddenly asked out loud; “Mommy, why does that man have a nipple on his head?” After I caught my breathe (gasp – I went blood red), had a quick look in the direction where she’s looking at (right behind us) I was at a loss of words. The “nipple” was a large wart on the person in question’s forehead, but I thought discussing his wart might make his embarrassment worse.  So I did something I’m not proud of. Instead of explaining what it was and answering seven more related questions that were bound to arise after the explanation, I bought her a lollipop and let her eat it right then and there.

That incident tops my list of memorable (or rather embarrassing) moments. Another memorable incident involves my husband, but luckily this time we were at home, so at least we could laugh about it. We were busy entertaining, and as soon as I got the chance (in the kitchen), I tried telling my husband about my day, but he was distracted and according to my standards not paying enough attention. So I poked him on the shoulder with my finger. It seems that he was actually paying attention and responded like flash lightning by grabbing my hand and biting it. We were playing of course but imagine our surprise when our little offspring runs from the room (a little bit panicked) screaming – “aaaaaaagggghhhhhhh Daddy is eating Mommy!” At least all the guests sitting in the living room thought it was very, very funny.

Back to the grocery store. This time we were waiting in line, and I guess my girl was getting bored. So my little love bug gave me a rather long, loving hug and declared “Mommy, I love how very soft and squishy you are!”

Yes, I am pregnant, but will definitely be visiting the gym soon after the baby pops.

Mall time. We were browsing through some new clothing at the kiddie section at my favourite store. My daughter was sitting in a push cart eating blueberries and drinking apple juice. She saw a dress she liked and became overly excited about it – darn Italian-use-your-hands-to-express-yourself-heritage – and dropped the blueberries on the floor. I only saw this after I had stepped on most of them and smeared them all over the white tiles. I gallantry tried to pick up the few un-squished ones, only to end up smearing my favourite beige pants with the delicious berry sludge. I grabbed my daughter and left in a hurry while she asked in her outside voice; “Mommy, why are we walking so very, very fast?!”

To get away from the scene of the crime!

Well that at least got me moving, my exercise quota for the day is filled.


Comments on: "WHY? And other random incidents" (2)

  1. Skuggs said:

    Morning dear far away friend. This has made me laugh already and I’m currently still tucked up in bed with a cup of tea (thank you spouse) and a gurgling baby K rolling around next to need. A good way to start the day. It’ll be a happy one now, thanks!

    And just to share. On Wednesday morning, J made a special request to “Mummy fetch me home on the bus today please?” Unfortunately on the way home on the very full bus, he chose to pipe up at max volume, “Mummy, this man drive badly!” Then, “Mummy, WHY this man drive so badly?! Oh no, bus is stopping. Hooray, bus is moving! Mummy, tell man to drive properly like Mummy does!” Cue laughter from bus passengers before my toddler confides, “My Mummy drive SUPER FAST!” Sigh. Great, now everyone thinks I’m that annoying person who inscribes donut tyre marks in the tarmac around the roundabouts near home.

  2. Haha that is so funny!

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