and sometimes a little bit silly too :)


As a mom to a busy and creative little preschooler, I find myself distracted… quite often.

At the hairdresser recently I agreed to a haircut that was about 4 inches shorter than I actually wanted. I was admiring the leaning tower of Pisa that my daughter was building with the hairdresser’s curlers. Whoops. The resulting haircut made me look like I’m sporting a lovely wig. Oh well, only 6 months until my hair looks the way I wanted it to.

My husband agreed to put up a picture I wanted on a wall in a specific place. So first he had to remove the existing nail and fill in the hole. Then he leveled it, placed it, and asked me “HERE?!” and I agreed. What I was ACTUALLY doing was being amazed at the fact that my 4 year old was sculpting a cub from clay. And the best is it LOOKED like a cub. The result of this? A picture 1 inch higher than it should be. So I asked for forgiveness and begged hubby to move it again. He sighed. He asked me where. I showed him. He looked disgusted. The new nail should go in roughly 1/10 inch from where the original one was. “It’s the same place” he grumbles. “No its not”, I chirp back. He pulls out the new old nail, fills that hole and places the picture in the correct position. He stares at it for ages (OK it was a minute). “Looks good” he says and walks off. Phew. That wasn’t so bad. Pity about the white filled hole in the not-white-wall above the picture.

Yesterday I went shopping (OK, we went to the hardware store) and was picking doorknobs for my bedroom cupboards when my daughter developed a toilet emergency. So knowing that the closest bathroom is about 100 miles away (FINE…it was 200 meters), I grab knobs, pay and go. Good news: we made it to the toilet in time. Bad news: the overpriced door knobs don’t fit AND I lost the slip. Great.  Another fail feather in my stupid hat.

I don’t know how your day as a parent usually goes, but it turns out that this previously perfectionist pain in the butt  now suffers from serious distraction dementia caused by motherhood. My day rarely goes as planned. BUT when my daughter looks at me like I am a supermom because I saved the day by getting her to the toilet on time, then I must admit, the view from my pedestal looks pretty darn good.


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  1. Angie Pretorius said:

    Lovely hon! Saw a quip the other day… I feel like I have lost my mind… I am sure the kids have taken it! Sort of hits the spot! xxx

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